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In this case, Tyler Reece Rambo was convicted on three counts of aggravated assault upon a peace officer following an incident with police at a city park in Idaho. Rambo appealed his conviction, challenging several of the district court’s evidentiary rulings concerning the admission of evidence at his trial. Rambo argued that the court erred in excluding evidence of a civil lawsuit against the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, admitting body camera footage of his gun discharging, excluding body camera footage of officers returning fire, prohibiting him from testifying about the trajectory of a bullet, and prohibiting him from showing the jury his bullet scars. The Supreme Court of the State of Idaho affirmed the majority of the district court’s rulings and determined that the district court's one erroneous relevancy determination regarding the exclusion of body cam footage indicating that Rambo’s gun did not discharge a second time, was harmless. Therefore, the Supreme Court affirmed Rambo’s judgment of conviction. View "State v. Rambo" on Justia Law